Everyday Excellence: The Art of Success by Sadhana Singh





In this book, you are going to learn that the art of excellence is discovering who we are and having the courage to manifest it. To excel is to be out of the ordinary. That’s when you are extraordinary. Excellence is a basic skill inherent in every human being. It is a constant attitude of rising above the pressures and constraints of time and space, so that the mind may tune into the soul’s frequency.

This book explores the art of everyday success through eight elements of excellence. Such elements are 1. the vision to see your goal and keep it in your consciousness; 2. The courage to attempt it and keep it up; 3. The grit to go through it; 4 The humility to know who the doer is; 5. The knowledge to substantiate it; 6. The prayer to feed it; 7. The grace to carry yourself through it; and 8. The Determination to achieve it.

Book softcover 187 pages
ISBN: 9781934532850
Publisher: KRI, Edition: 2012

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