Morganite Volcanic Cherry Quartz 8 MM Mala


Strung with love, silk, Aum Mane Padme Hum, Volcanic Cherry Quartz, Agate Guru bead. A Mala for healing emotion wounds.

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Strung with love, silk, Aum Mane Padme Hum, Volcanic Cherry Quartz, Morganite, and an Agate Guru bead. A Mala for healing emotion wounds.

” Volcanic Cherry Quartz is Cherry Quartz that has beautiful flame like patterns going through it. This stone has the properties of Cherry Quartz plus the properties of the color brown, red & yellow!

Brown is useful for material gain of all kinds, and is excellent for spellwork focused on food and food security. It is also a go-to color for assistance with financial crises. Brown is also associated with friendships, and is used in magic relating to trust, honesty, sincerity, and loyalty between friends. Its grounding and centering properties make it useful for balancing intense emotions, providing emotional support, and promoting strength and endurance. It aids with making decisions from a practical standpoint rather than emotional attachments, and reigns in indecisiveness.

As such, red is associated with vitality and strength, good health, and the will to do what is necessary to survive and thrive. This color is appropriate for magic related to physical healing and raising one’s physical energy, as well as to motivation, willpower, ambition, and determination. Anything that contributes to basic security, such as business deals, career goals, or the acquisition of a home can benefit from red’s magical energies. Red can also assist with issues requiring courage, fast action, leadership, and strength. It helps with confidence and self-esteem, and can help increase your personal vibrancy so that you stand out in a group.

The cheerful, sunny energies of yellow are known for having instant vibration-raising effects on those who simply gaze at the color for a few moments. Yellow is actually the brightest color on the spectrum, and its harmonious energy helps us move away from the lower vibrations of stress and sadness. Yellow helps us open our capacity to enjoy the present moment, making way to experience optimism, happiness, and joy. Yellow is primarily associated with the functions of the intellect, and is used in magic relating to memory, concentration, focus, and general mental clarity.

Volcanic Cherry Quartz crystal is a healer for emotional wounds and can help with anger and tension. Volcanic Cherry Quartz has all the qualities of quartz and is also great for the heart chakra. Volcanic Cherry Quartz is great for concentration so is an excellent choice for anyone studying for exams. Healing properties for Volcanic Cherry Quartz crystal can help with colds, flu and infections and can be of assistance with burns. “(QUOTED FROM HERE )

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