Finding Peace Within Shattered Pieces : Healing Trauma with Yoga and Meditation


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Paperback English
By (author) Simranjeet Kaur , Illustrated by Janis Souza , Edited by Mariana Lage

“An approach that would empower the individual to come through their blocks, rise out of the darkness of despair, and live a life filled with positive self-worth and joy” – Shiv Charan Singh.

Former London Detective Police Officer, Simranjeet Kaur combines the necessary awareness, clarity, and commitment to offer the reader a healing journey with the support of yoga and meditation.

The book consists of a 40-day program with diverse types of yoga and meditation, so people can practice at home and gently allow their healing journey to begin and develop. It also brings key information about sexual violence, what to do when witnessing or suffering first-hand; how to seek professional help; and find support from legal entities.

It’s a gentle and compassionate tool for anyone who has suffered from any kind of sexual violence, as well as post-traumatic stress and secondary traumatic stress.

The 40-day program works to remove body blocks, release fear and accumulated stress, tune the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands, open the heart and develop trust. It can also be a great resource for trainers and teachers when developing special programs for their students.

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